What is Chatter Bags ?

Why did we make Chatter Bags
Chatter Bags is a multi-award winning, versatile social tool. It's made to make conversation.

Our concept helps to connect and integrate people and communities from all over the world in many ways. 

Chatter Bags is a unique communication tool designed to get people talking face to face. It works in various sectors: from schools and universities to the events & travel industry, even in the dating world. Chatter Bags covers it all!  There are so many ways in the digital space to find friends, meet the love of your life and chat in a different lingo. This takes away from the physical act of actually speaking to someone. We're giving you a chance to have a digital detox with our offline approach. Our mission is to make a truly positive impact by making our cities a more social, more approachable and safer place to be.  

What’s the one thing everyone has in common? Language! Take a look at one of our most popular concepts loved by schools, universities and linguists.

We're all brought up speaking a language and many of us learn a new one as we grow. Language connects people and communities, they are key to conversation and integration. This is our vision: to connect everyone and make each individual feel like a local wherever they are in the world.

We launched in 2015 to a lot of excitement and interest for our concept. Since then we've won awards and have been featured in newspapers and media like the Metro and BBC. We've been on chat shows and had a number of blogs written about us too.  

Our trademarked made to make conversation bags are the perfect social tool and ideal for everyone. So if you would like to improve your language skills, connect professionally with people at events or travel the globe and meet new friends we've got it covered! Scrap the apps, this visual ice-breaker is the perfect solution to get everyone chatting.

We start the conversation, you finish it. Simply tick & talk! #sayhiyourway

Check out our concepts to see the full range & find out more about how we are helping change the events industry! 

Grab a bag here or contact us for more information.

made to make conversation