Summer Vibes

31 July 2017
Summer Vibes
School’s out for summer and millions of us are planning to jet off all over the globe. So tell us where in the world are you holidaying to this year and let us know if find any hidden gems? Staycations are becoming even more popular. The UK might not be known for its sun drenched summers, but it is known for its spectacular beauty spots up and down the country, it’s no wonder people are choosing to stay at home.

So what is Chatter Bags up to this summer? Well, lots of work and continuing to connect people offline. We have a couple of events and the usual popups lined up.  Some of us have set off already and the rest of us are going all over the place, from Greece to Malaysia, Bilbao to Torquay. It’s going to be an action packed season, filled with lots of fun activities along the way.

Greece is magical, we did the usual exciting work stuff and chatted with companies about our concept and the benefits for schools, events and the tourism sector. It was a wonderful experience and look forward to seeing what happens in the near future. On our trip, we slipped away for some island hopping and discovered Hydra and Spetses. Wow! Both islands are so uniquely beautiful Hydra is a traffic free island and Spetses is pretty much the same but they have a few mopeds and one or two buses. Hydra was our favourite, so welcoming and so special. The island oozed culture and community. The food was awesome and the locals were even more awesome. You really need to check out these islands. It’s the first time I’ve heard of them but it won’t be the last they see of me.

Speaking of jet setting, The Chatter Bags World Tour is ongoing. I’m sure you’ve seen the ladies adventures on social media. After clocking up thousands of air miles in June they’re at it again, and this time they were in Majorca and Germany. Super! Follow their journey here . Where to next?

You can keep us up to date with all things social and any ideas you might have for Chatter Bags in your area? Email us here

That’s it, have a safe and social holiday season,

We will chat to you all in August!

Big Love,

The Chatter Bags Team X
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