Summer is here, well kind of!

27 July 2015
Summer is here, well kind of!
It’s summer…

Ok, looking out there today you wouldn’t think that but trust us, summer is in full swing!

So far we’ve had the hottest day of the year in July, Wah hey! We’ve been out and about in Greenwich chatting our flip flops off with the locals, tourists and whoever else came to say hi, it’s the bag that does the work! Such a great day. We were in the West End doing our thing and as always in Shoreditch and Camden, our pop ups do the talking there. We love, love, love it! Speaking of flip flops, did you see our logo? We put a pair on it to make you feel in the mood for summer.

Let’s talk holidays, where are you going? What are you doing? Who are you going with? We want to know. Us, our holidays are pretty spread out from Italy & Spain to the Netherlands & Scotland and of course taking advantage of as many City breaks as we can around the UK. Let’s see who we get chatting to on our travels. I know Katie had quite a few natters in Italy already, she is fluent in Italian, by looking at her the locals didn’t know that, now they do thanks to our social tool!

Did you all see the OFFLINE video that came out? We loved it, it’s helping spread the word of face to face conversation. This is what we are all about. You can see from the video there were so many negative  comments and good ones about online dating. Quotes; “People are afraid of actual contact” “Profile pictures can be deceiving” “I think you’re brave to meet girls in the old fashioned way, I think for that, you will have more success”  these are just some of the comments. We feel we are unique with our concept. Good work Tom, smooth on the Italian! Our advice; stop dropping things! It’s hard to get to know people in big cities, let us help you. Since we are showing videos did you see the one about us in the U.S.  Chatter Bags in whatever language It's pretty funny!

We think Chatter Bags is a must have item, come on, what other item do you know goes anywhere with you, introduces you to the world, breaks the ice and carries your bits, bobs and goodies without costing an arm and a leg and it’s ethically sourced! It’s a fun concept that actually works.

Please tell us about your trip and plans for the summer, maybe how Chatter Bags works for you, or if you have comments on the Offline video, we would love to hear them all. Email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or add comments below.

Chat to you in August :) 

Big Love,

Chatter Bags Team x
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