No fools here…

30 April 2017
No fools here…
This month we start off talking about a talented bunch. We teamed up with and supported the Bloggers Abroad Event 2017.

This year was a real hit with thousands casting their vote. Bloggers Abroad is a competition held every year. is part of the Oxford dictionaries family since 2015. This particular event features the most engaging bloggers who write about their life abroad and their adventures in a foreign country. It was the perfect marriage for us and our “feel like a local everywhere” attitude. Our bags have been sent to all parts of the globe to the very deserving winners. Check out the top ten bloggers here. Get in touch and share your experiences.

We also teamed up with UKLingua at Durham University through our dear friend Nathalie Paris for the second meet up which took place on the weekend of the 22nd. This conference is aimed at all MFL, ESL teachers and researchers. Feedback was great with some wonderful snaps of the day shared on twitter. 

We attend a huge amount of events this month. At the tall ships festival, we got chatting to people from all over, especially the crew from the Netherlands ships noticing our “I speak…” Chatter Bags. We have to mention the London marathon I mean, WOW! A few of the team were out showing their support just before the finish line. We watched people run like gazelles and others painstakingly finish the last mile, people of all ages and fitness levels entered this amazing event. The kindness was on tap and it showed the true spirit of Londoners and people from all over the world who took part. I was like a seal clapping so much with admiration for each and every one who entered and raised money.

I can’t leave you all without saying Happy Easter, I hope those of you who celebrated got a chance to share it with your nearest and dearest.  The greeting when we got back to work on Tuesday morning was not “Good Morning” but “so, what egg did you get?”

Finally, not one person caught me out with an April fool’s joke… #Winner!

Chat to you all in May!

Big Love,

Mark and the chocolate crazy team xx

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