May Moments

31 May 2017
May Moments
Summer is in the air and we had not one, but two bank holidays to get us in the mood for the season ahead. The weather is hotting up and it’s time to get your social on!

May was full of bits and bobs from attending entrepreneur events to out meeting people on the streets of London and chatting about the world we live in, what we can do to help make it a better place to be.

The best thing about attending entrepreneur events is being able to connect with people like you and I. People who want to make a difference, people who take a risks and are not afraid to express themselves. It takes a lot to pluck up the courage and do your own thing and some of these people have helped change the way we live today. I totally recommend it, my only advice; research and then research so more!!

Chatting to people on the street: We were all over the place from Covent Garden to Canary Wharf and the vibe was pretty much the same. People are finding it difficult to meet people and friends now more than ever. There are so many apps out there to help us find friends and love but are our relationships becoming more superficial and less rewarding? We’ve written about it in the past, modern life is making us lonelier and we need to act now to prevent getting caught up in a bubble.  

Covent Garden was really touristy as you'd expect and people were more willing to have a quick chat. Most people we spoke to loved the city but didn’t find us(Londoners) helpful or approachable and found it very fast moving. It was very difficult to get someone’s attention in Canary Wharf, people did not want to talk. Eventually, we got chatting to a few and they said "the virtual world is for a fast paced lifestyle" and it works for some people, but they preferred how it use to be.  They said, "the public has ‘FOMO’ (Fear of Missing Out)". All of the people we spoke to wanted to feel part of a community or feel welcomed and actually be recognised, but the world we live in today keeps us swiping our way through life with our heads down.  We showed them our Chatter Bags and explained why we created this concept. They loved our simple way to get people to talk, especially in a multicultural city like London. So our advice is; look up and all around you. You’ll get to enjoy our beautiful city and the wonderful people who live and visit it.

Look out for us in your area in the coming months.

Till next time,

Big Love

Mark and the Team X
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