Finals here we come!

05 October 2015
Finals here we come!
What a fantastic surprise, we’re Finalists!

We still do not have words for how thrilled and excited we are to be a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in our first year of business. 

To a new concept like ours it means the world. We made a choice to drop everything from the jobs we are use to and start making a difference. We find in many ways the world around us waits for something to happen before they/we act on it. Why wait? With ongoing troubles around the world we need now more than ever to communicate, isn’t about time we all just got along!

We are all forever following trends in this world, why not be it a trend that can make a difference to the future? By acting now we can help make where we live a better place to be by the power of conversation. 

The idea behind Chatter Bags; Chatter Bags is a social tool to get people talking in the old fashioned way face to face. As our slogan says we’re made to make conversation and that’s what we do. We’re here to create a positive change, a social change, London is our platform and the World is our stage. Together we can make it happen. 

Did you ever feel lonely? Unsure if you made the right move? Nervous to approach someone because you didn’t know what to say? Try to fit into a new group? Try to make new friends? Or wonder why people keep to themselves? Most of us have felt one of these. 

Living in a mega city like London where millions people from all around the globe come to set up home, work, holiday or just visit for the day it’s no wonder things can get a little distant. By distant we mean, it’s sometimes hard to feel like a local, to fit in or to feel part of something. We found it hard to get to know people, we found people would choose to look at the footpath or swipe their way through a phone or tablet rather than acknowledge the world around them. We didn’t believe this is really what people wanted, we wanted to help change this. 

How can we change it?

We followed trends, we did a lot of research and the outcome was, most of us are a really friendly bunch, but we are a bit nervous to show it. This is where we came in, we found there’s an app for this an app for that, do we need an app to chat? No is the answer. 

Our concept is so simple, yet so effective. What do we all have in common? Language! We all speak something. How do make use of that?  We thought of a safer way to engage people, it had to be something affordable, not offensive, useful and most of us have one, it’s ethically sourced and printed in Shoreditch. Chatter Bags was born.

Since our launch at the start of the year we’ve had an exciting journey. From stalls in the world famous Camden market to our pop up stores in some of the trendiest café’s in town. We opened our online store to make it easier for people to grab a bag. Chatter Bags made its TV debut on a live chat show (Living the Life) where our founder Mark was a guest.  We’ve featured in the media from a full page spread in the Metro to Bdaily. We even made it onto an American news channel. We’ve been spotted at meetings in the House of Lords, the google campus and to wrap all that up an email from Boris Johnson’s office wishing us good luck. Now we are finalists in the category International Social Enterprise of the Year Award.  We are so happy!

Our bags have been seen all over the world, with some amazing photos sent to us and the odd little story! Chatter Bags is been used in so many ways.

·         Schools & Uni’s are using it as a language/social/educational tool.

·         Events are using it as an information/conversational tool. 

·         The tourist is using it as social/conversational tool. 

·         The everyday person is using it as a social/dating/friendship tool. 

In a way our bag introduces you to the world and it carries your goods. Result!

We are in talks with a whole range of business and companies to see how our concept can work for them. This concept is not limited to one city it can work all over the World. We’ve had a few meetings in the Netherlands and in Ireland and interest has come from Germany to bring our brand to the mainland. We have huge plans for the future and you are part of it.

We have a full range of Chatter Bags. Call one of the team for more information.

We want to make this happen sooner rather than later. So come on, let’s act now and build a better happier world together. 

Fingers crossed for the finals on November 25th.

Big Love,

Chatter Bags Team x
made to make conversation