Did that really just happen?

21 September 2015
Did that really just happen?

We don’t know where to start with this update. Whoosh and it’s gone…

What just happened?  It felt like a moment ago we were writing about the hottest day of summer and now we find ourselves looking through Christmas catalogues!

Let’s get back to summer, it was a bit hit and miss, right? Thanks to you all it felt sunny here all the time with all the amazing Chatter Bags pictures sent to us. You really did use our hashtag and ‘say hi your way’ making you feel like a local wherever you were. We are so glad we helped make your holidays even better. That’s part of our mission! We had so many enjoyable events and as usual we were out on the streets promoting the power of conversation. Our pop up store in Shoreditch saw people from all over the world coming through its door, the feedback has been so positive.

So the evenings are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer! Schools back and our social tool has been doing its part, introducing new starters from all over the world to one another. This is our first year and we couldn’t be happier with the results so far. We’re giving people that little push to say hello and it’s working a treat. Thanks to all the schools and universities for working with us and your kind words. Now get chatting!!

We set out with a goal when we came up with the idea for Chatter Bags, to get people talking face to face. Scrap the apps and bring good old fashioned conversation back. We're trying to create positive change, a social change in a world full of uncertainty. The fact is, people want to feel happier everywhere. We are giving you the tools to say "hey, I’m approachable" I actually want to engage with people.  

We had the pleasure of being invited to the Google campus for an event with the IoD. That was such an awesome evening, meeting likeminded people from all over. We got to meet some old friends and some new ones. We ate pizza, some of us drank wine it was fun. We enjoyed every moment of being around such an inspiring group. We love our job!

The start of September took us over to Ireland promoting our concept and so far so good. What a nice bunch of people over there. (Mark is Irish) Watch this space for updates on Ireland.

And finally; just a little mention that we are Finalists in The Great British Entrepreneur Awards. We’re still freaking out a bit, so once we stop shaking we will tell you all about it. We are in the process of doing our press release, ooh how exciting!!    

We’re sure we have loads more to tell you but for now we will leave you with this.

It takes one person to make a difference, we would like to thank everyone who believes in our concept and is a part of our journey. You’re helping us make that difference.

So much love coming from us to you!

Chat soon,

Chatter Bags Team x
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