December let’s make it a month to remember!

24 December 2015
December let’s make it a month to remember!
December, let’s make it a month to remember!

This month we would be nuts not to talk about everything Christmas, by talking about it we want to talk about the pluses and minuses this time of year can have on certain people.

Before all that being in Britain we have to mention the weather, 16 degrees in December! Wearing a T-shirt in the afternoon here seems so wrong but feels so nice. Talking about weather we have to take a moment and think about the families around the UK & Ireland with the other extreme weather events occurring. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

So far the build up to Christmas has been an exciting one for us, we put up some lovely decorations on our website and the festive tunes are pumping daily. The online store has an amazing promotion for the holidays with a little gift from us to you. Click on the white gift on our home page and all will be reviled.

Christmas is a time for giving & sharing, being with friends, families and having loved ones around you. We did our little bit this year by giving gifts to the Great Ormond Street Hospital via one of our loyal followers and close friend Deise Silva. We hope it can give a little bit of festive cheer to these wonderful brave kids.

This leads onto the subject of minuses this time of year can have on people. The strain it can have on some families financially and mentally will never be known. We think about the ones that are alone, having seen it first hand while working in the hotel industry. Elderly people for example would check in on the afternoon of the 24th and usually stay until the 27th . On arrival you can see the emptiness in some facial expressions and you know you’re going to do your living best to make these people have the time of their life.

By the time all have settled in we purposely set up an informal drinks reception with carols. We personally invite the guests to join us, that’s where the magic of Christmas starts coming to light. People from all over the country coming together to celebrate the time of year, Christmas lunch is no longer a table for one it’s a table of fun. This continues for the next few days and some lifelong friends emerge from this one stay at a hotel that made its mission to bring people together.

Not all people have the opportunity to do something like this, we ask you to keep your eyes open for the people around you, even if it’s just giving someone a “Merry Christmas” you could make their day.

I had to share that story of the hotel n Ireland, it made a huge impact on my life, the power of bring joy to other people at a time most needed is for me the best gift of all. Another reason why we made Chatter Bags, giving you the opportunity to meet others in whatever city they are in.

Enough of the ranting we’ve got some family time to take care of.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Big Love X

Mark & the Chatter Bags Team
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