Here we are

The Chatter Bags team is small but powerful, no job too big for these guys when it comes to trying to make a difference to the way we all live. We all have a few things in common, none of us are from this City but we love it like our own. We all speak another language or try too, we all come from totally different industries, but at the end we all deal with people in some way, shape or form.

The pooch, we think he's German he doesn't say much. He rolls over,  you say "aww" his job is done so he thinks!

We are a team with passion for life and without sounding like a goodie two shoes, we are really serious about trying to make life that little bit easier for us all.

A very famous man of our time once said, "the ones crazy enough to think they can change a world, are the ones that do" We think we are crazy enough to give it a go. We need your help, it takes just one person to make a difference and that could be you.

chatterbags markMark - Founder, ideas man easy going guy

Loves life, always looking for a way to make it that bit easier for people.
chatterbags thomas zarebaThomas – Partner, the analyser

Oozes kindness and one hell of a rock climber.
chatterbags katieKatie - Account Manager, gets stuff done

Well Katie is just great at everything and keeps the boys in line.

chatterbags dogMimo – Chief of cuteness

I’m made to make you say ‘awwww’

I’m really good at my job!

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made to make conversation