Christmas Post

19 December 2014
Christmas Post
Hi everyone!

It’s the last Friday before Christmas and we have had an amazing week post-launch. From taking photos in Trafalgar Square, along the Southbank and at Buckingham Palace to exclusive events in Shoreditch, we are really excited about your reactions and enthusiasm for our brand.

Wishing a huge Thank You to everyone who has come to #sayhiyourway!

Online sales will be available over Christmas with reduced postal service as per Royal Mail’s Christmas delivery. As we always say, good things come to those who wait, but you won’t be waiting too long! Please click here for postage details.

We’ll be out and about getting chatting in the New Year, stopping off at our favourite universities, language schools and the best coffee shops in Shoreditch and Camden too. 2015 will be our year for rolling out Chatter Bags in a store near you, keep a look out and say hi if you see us!

All that’s left from us is to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
See you in 2015 :-)

The Chatter Bags Team

Do Londoners talk to each other enough?

17 December 2014
Do Londoners talk to each other enoughLast year the Office of National Statistics found London to be the second least-friendly city in the world.

Personally, I think London is as unfriendly as you want to make it. This is a super city with super people from all over the globe, the energy here is palpable and inspiring but people just are not talking to each other enough,

This is one of the reasons we made Chatter Bags, to say: “YES, I AM APPROACHABLE” and this is my visual ice-breaker.

I want to talk to people, I want to feel like a local in this amazing city. I want to say “hi” to that person I see every day on the train, in the supermarket, in that queue for a coffee where you see some of the most bizarre hand-written names, I want someone to chuckle with me. And many of you feel the very same way.

This bag is a simple solution to an unnecessary challenge of our day to day lives and well-being.

Let’s use this social tool and get chatting!

Chatter Bags coming soon to London!

11 December 2014
Designs complete and production finally finished; we are ready to bring our bags to London. We will be popping-in at your favourite coffee shops around Shoreditch and Camden this weekend. Stay tuned for details.   The Chatter Bags Team  
made to make conversation