Did that really just happen?

21 September 2015
Did that really just happen?

We don’t know where to start with this update. Whoosh and it’s gone…

What just happened?  It felt like a moment ago we were writing about the hottest day of summer and now we find ourselves looking through Christmas catalogues!

Let’s get back to summer, it was a bit hit and miss, right? Thanks to you all it felt sunny here all the time with all the amazing Chatter Bags pictures sent to us. You really did use our hashtag and ‘say hi your way’ making you feel like a local wherever you were. We are so glad we helped make your holidays even better. That’s part of our mission! We had so many enjoyable events and as usual we were out on the streets promoting the power of conversation. Our pop up store in Shoreditch saw people from all over the world coming through its door, the feedback has been so positive.

So the evenings are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer! Schools back and our social tool has been doing its part, introducing new starters from all over the world to one another. This is our first year and we couldn’t be happier with the results so far. We’re giving people that little push to say hello and it’s working a treat. Thanks to all the schools and universities for working with us and your kind words. Now get chatting!!

We set out with a goal when we came up with the idea for Chatter Bags, to get people talking face to face. Scrap the apps and bring good old fashioned conversation back. We're trying to create positive change, a social change in a world full of uncertainty. The fact is, people want to feel happier everywhere. We are giving you the tools to say "hey, I’m approachable" I actually want to engage with people.  

We had the pleasure of being invited to the Google campus for an event with the IoD. That was such an awesome evening, meeting likeminded people from all over. We got to meet some old friends and some new ones. We ate pizza, some of us drank wine it was fun. We enjoyed every moment of being around such an inspiring group. We love our job!

The start of September took us over to Ireland promoting our concept and so far so good. What a nice bunch of people over there. (Mark is Irish) Watch this space for updates on Ireland.

And finally; just a little mention that we are Finalists in The Great British Entrepreneur Awards. We’re still freaking out a bit, so once we stop shaking we will tell you all about it. We are in the process of doing our press release, ooh how exciting!!    

We’re sure we have loads more to tell you but for now we will leave you with this.

It takes one person to make a difference, we would like to thank everyone who believes in our concept and is a part of our journey. You’re helping us make that difference.

So much love coming from us to you!

Chat soon,

Chatter Bags Team x

Summer is here, well kind of!

27 July 2015
Summer is here, well kind of!
It’s summer…

Ok, looking out there today you wouldn’t think that but trust us, summer is in full swing!

So far we’ve had the hottest day of the year in July, Wah hey! We’ve been out and about in Greenwich chatting our flip flops off with the locals, tourists and whoever else came to say hi, it’s the bag that does the work! Such a great day. We were in the West End doing our thing and as always in Shoreditch and Camden, our pop ups do the talking there. We love, love, love it! Speaking of flip flops, did you see our logo? We put a pair on it to make you feel in the mood for summer.

Let’s talk holidays, where are you going? What are you doing? Who are you going with? We want to know. Us, our holidays are pretty spread out from Italy & Spain to the Netherlands & Scotland and of course taking advantage of as many City breaks as we can around the UK. Let’s see who we get chatting to on our travels. I know Katie had quite a few natters in Italy already, she is fluent in Italian, by looking at her the locals didn’t know that, now they do thanks to our social tool!

Did you all see the OFFLINE video that came out? We loved it, it’s helping spread the word of face to face conversation. This is what we are all about. You can see from the video there were so many negative  comments and good ones about online dating. Quotes; “People are afraid of actual contact” “Profile pictures can be deceiving” “I think you’re brave to meet girls in the old fashioned way, I think for that, you will have more success”  these are just some of the comments. We feel we are unique with our concept. Good work Tom, smooth on the Italian! Our advice; stop dropping things! It’s hard to get to know people in big cities, let us help you. Since we are showing videos did you see the one about us in the U.S.  Chatter Bags in whatever language It's pretty funny!

We think Chatter Bags is a must have item, come on, what other item do you know goes anywhere with you, introduces you to the world, breaks the ice and carries your bits, bobs and goodies without costing an arm and a leg and it’s ethically sourced! It’s a fun concept that actually works.

Please tell us about your trip and plans for the summer, maybe how Chatter Bags works for you, or if you have comments on the Offline video, we would love to hear them all. Email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or add comments below.

Chat to you in August :) 

Big Love,

Chatter Bags Team x

The story so far...

17 June 2015
The story so far...
Where to start with what’s been going on since we last wrote a piece.

Madness, that’s a good place! It’s been madness, in a great way! We are really falling in love with this City and the World all over again.

Since we launched at the start of the year Chatter Bags has proven that this City wants to talk to one another. The volume of bags are increasing monthly and it’s not just in London, we are sending our bags all over the Country and on many occasions around the World. It’s a huge thank you to you all, goes to show that good old fashioned face to face conversation is not dying out any time soon.

After the spread in the Metro and other write ups recently, we’ve had interest from many different business, so much so that we are in talks in mainland Europe about bringing the bag over there to a number of cities. Exciting!

We set out with a goal, our goal is to connect people. We want to give that ice breaker needed to give you the confidence to ‘say hi your way’. Chatter Bags is being used at this moment in so many different ways, our concept is so versatile it opens itself up to a variety of different everyday life situations. We are made to make conversation, made to make a difference.

Some examples of them are; Universities and Schools are using us as a language bag, a tool that allows you to connect with others. A tool that introduces you to people whether it be home or abroad, it allows you to try the lingo with others. It works, it’s fun, it’s friendly and more importantly you are gaining knowledge whilst sharing yours. It’s the perfect all-rounder.

We’ve been used by businesses as a networking tool, a way to get the most out of your event, to get the most out of that valuable conversation. This is very exciting for us. From personal experiences we often left a venue thinking was that worth it? Did I get the information needed? Would I go again? Why have I got this handful of flyers? Our way you get what you want the event, the organisers get what they want. Result!

Day to day sales of the bags been purchased in our online store or at our pop up stores are becoming more frequent. Chatter Bags are being used as a social tool, giving people that little confidence boost needed when approaching others or showing that you’re approachable.  It is introducing people from all over the City and all over the World to each other. No apps needed. If you’re looking for friends, love or just a bit of happiness we will try help you feel like a local and get you the attention needed, we’re by your side.

We are a new start up with a long journey ahead of us, we think it’s worth it if we can make a difference to the way you live. We are bringing things back old school, now a days there’s app for this an app for that. Do you really need an app to chat?

To find out more about any of the above contact us we would to love see how we can help you or your business.

Remember we’re made to make conversation. We start the conversation, you finish it!

Metro, Metro read all about it!

05 May 2015
Metro, Metro read all about it!
We think our heading says it all; April 21st will be one date to be remembered, as our journey continues to connect this City, helping make it a friendlier, more local place to be.

Today after all the madness we get time to write about what was written about us in the Metro. This was a major milestone for our company, we are all overwhelmed to be featured in one of the most read papers in the UK! It’s a feeling of great excitement and achievement for our very young and ambitious start up.

We had a Q&A session in the section ‘Behind the Idea' this section is for “Pioneering people and their ideas in creative industries”. Our idea seems to have fit the brief. There is so much meaning behind our start up, it’s not just a tote bag with a few languages scattered around it. It’s a powerful social tool that’s connecting a City in the most natural way. So much thought went into this what seems like a simple but very effective idea. Chatter Bags has proven to be the perfect visual ice breaker and that’s where our slogan comes from ‘made to make conversation’.

We launched in December to a saturated market, with many apps and groups trying to get people connected in some way, shape or form. We had to stand out, we had to be different, we had to make something to get you noticed without feeling pressured and it seems to work. We’ve had a steady flow of brand recognition, the feedback has been so positive full of excitement and satisfaction with the results the bag gives. We have two pop up stores and our own online store where our bags can be purchased.

Since the Metro came out the phone has been hopping, emails gathering and so many kind words have been spoken. We want to keep this feel good streak going, we have all the tools we just need you to join our unique concept and be a part of the Chatter Bags family. We’re a very honest and pure company with a mission; our mission statement is, “Using London as our platform and the World as our stage our mission is to get you all engaged”.

Before we sign off we have to say a special thank you to Sophie Robinson and Melanie McKinlay from the Metro for making this happen. You will be surprised the difference this is making to the City. You should be very proud.

Watch out for more interviews and articles coming soon.

Keep the conversation flowing!

Big Love,
Chatter Bag team x

Say hi to the new guy!

17 April 2015
Say hi to the new guy!
After weeks and weeks of begging we finally allowed Thomas to work with us!

Only joking!

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Thomas Zareba, who will take on the role as Managing Director. Thomas will focus on the operations of Chatter Bags. Thomas is no stranger to London and it’s demands. He successfully set up WSWorkshop with his brothers 5 years ago; their brand is a force to be respected on the IT scene in the UK. Thomas works daily with some of the most famous brands taking care of their web solutions.

Having worked with Thomas in the past, we created an incredibly advanced reservations system from scratch which was an amazing learning process for both of us, full of tears and tantrums (from Thomas) but it all worked out brilliantly in the end!  We’ve always had like-minded ideas with the same goal: to make life that little bit easier for you. We are inspired by the City and the day to day running of it. Thomas’s other life loves, excluding his amazing girlfriend and work, is climbing, hence the random choice of  picture!

Thomas will jump into his role pretty quick with ideas for a new site already on the cards, improving the user experience and making the navigation around our site memorable. He shares the same love for the City, when he heard we were looking for someone to join our team he said he is the best man for the job,  we couldn’t agree more.

All that’s left to say is, keep your eyes peeled for all the weird and wonderful things we get up to on our quest to make this City a friendlier, happier,  more local place to be. There’s no stopping us now, using London as our platform and the World as our stage we promise to do our best to get you all engaged! You know what we mean!!

Updating you all soon, keep the conversation flowing.

Ciao for now!

Mark & the amazing Chatter Bags Team
made to make conversation