"Loved up"

25 February 2016
"Loved up"
We’ll get back to all that lovey-dovey stuff a bit later!

It’s was a pretty good start to the New Year, right? 

We were up to our usual tricks getting people from all around the globe talking the old fashioned way.

Half term madness flew by, we had a day out in tourist hotspot Greenwich Park chatting to locals and people from near and far promoting our way to say “hey”.  The feedback was cracking and it’s always great to build awareness face to face, you can grasp the real feelings from individuals about your products and act on the comments given.

February has been fantastic so far, we had an awesome interview with the wonderful Lucy Purdy from People of London and attended events all over the city. Last night’s event; Power 100 was very informative regarding the future for start-ups and scale-ups. It was a real pleasure to be invited, we got to meet some old friends and made some new ones.

Our permanent pop up at The Vintage Bean has seen an increase in demand for our social tool which is super exciting! On the topic of cafes; we had lovely coffee, cake & chats with one of our loyal supporters Delia Cazzato from Pinner which was such a treat.

“Loved up”, that’s all we can say about Valentine’s Day, it was wonderful this year knowing that we brought people together. Long may it continue, our offline approach is taking things back to how it use to be, it feels good! We would love to hear your stories if we brought you love birds together! Write to us .

The team and I are working hard on our new concepts and designs which will launch very soon. Exciting! We are opening the brand up to a number of different sectors. Chatter Bags is a versatile conversational tool, we can’t wait to show you the finished products.

That’s you guys kept up to date. The next time we chat we’ll all be painting the town green for Paddy’s Day.

Remember, keep the conversation flowing!

Big Love x

Mark and the gang

Welcome 2016

20 January 2016
Welcome 2016
Christmas is gone, the New Year is here.

December was our kind of month! Full of meeting friends, family and eating a little more than recommended!

The month that really brings people together, a time for sharing a time for reflection, a time for caring. Our team were spread all over Europe, we all had a catch-up to see how some traditions varied. One thing is for sure, consumption was the same!!

The New Year was brought in with a bang, fireworks galore and quiet mild temperatures. The thing we love most is the resolutions chat. That yearly must have conversation, New Year, New You Malarkey!

Some of us got on to the sugar tax chat and how this will encourage us to give up some of our daily treats, others talked about getting body ready for Rio 2016 and all of us chatted about the year ahead and what we’re going to do to make a real difference. Exciting stuff!

Blue Monday was just another Monday to us. We saw a few unhappy faces around the city, hopefully they noticed our smile and we cheered up their day a little.

The team at Chatter Bags worked their butts off in its first year. From events around the city to TV and newspaper interviews, pop up stores to market stall mayhem in Camden. We even squeezed in a trip to the House of Lords helping spread the word about how this idea is creating social change in a time where it's most needed.

Our unique concept has become one of the most talked about bags in London and that's all thanks to you.

I'm sure we all have a million and one stories about meeting people. We think our way is special, so special that it takes one piece of common ground to start that conversation without having to swipe through a couple of pictures to see can you be bothered to chat to that person, then play the waiting game to see if they answer!

Our way is old school, you make the rules! We start the conversation, you finish it. The language bag has been used in numerous ways from schools and universities to beach holidays and daily shopping trips. It’s been photographed around the world from Asia to South America. This concept got you talking your way and we are so proud. We ready to take it to the next level. For the last few months we’ve explored different avenues on how we can make a difference on an even larger scale.

2015 ended on a high for us winning an award at the Great British Entrepreneur of the year in November. 2016 is looking promising so far! We have some exciting news to share with you regarding new additions to the brand. Keep your eyes peeled for future posts

For now we say wrap up warm, keep an eye out for elderly neighbours!

Enjoy the rest of the month!

Big Love,

Chatter Bags Team X

December let’s make it a month to remember!

24 December 2015
December let’s make it a month to remember!
December, let’s make it a month to remember!

This month we would be nuts not to talk about everything Christmas, by talking about it we want to talk about the pluses and minuses this time of year can have on certain people.

Before all that being in Britain we have to mention the weather, 16 degrees in December! Wearing a T-shirt in the afternoon here seems so wrong but feels so nice. Talking about weather we have to take a moment and think about the families around the UK & Ireland with the other extreme weather events occurring. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

So far the build up to Christmas has been an exciting one for us, we put up some lovely decorations on our website and the festive tunes are pumping daily. The online store has an amazing promotion for the holidays with a little gift from us to you. Click on the white gift on our home page and all will be reviled.

Christmas is a time for giving & sharing, being with friends, families and having loved ones around you. We did our little bit this year by giving gifts to the Great Ormond Street Hospital via one of our loyal followers and close friend Deise Silva. We hope it can give a little bit of festive cheer to these wonderful brave kids.

This leads onto the subject of minuses this time of year can have on people. The strain it can have on some families financially and mentally will never be known. We think about the ones that are alone, having seen it first hand while working in the hotel industry. Elderly people for example would check in on the afternoon of the 24th and usually stay until the 27th . On arrival you can see the emptiness in some facial expressions and you know you’re going to do your living best to make these people have the time of their life.

By the time all have settled in we purposely set up an informal drinks reception with carols. We personally invite the guests to join us, that’s where the magic of Christmas starts coming to light. People from all over the country coming together to celebrate the time of year, Christmas lunch is no longer a table for one it’s a table of fun. This continues for the next few days and some lifelong friends emerge from this one stay at a hotel that made its mission to bring people together.

Not all people have the opportunity to do something like this, we ask you to keep your eyes open for the people around you, even if it’s just giving someone a “Merry Christmas” you could make their day.

I had to share that story of the hotel n Ireland, it made a huge impact on my life, the power of bring joy to other people at a time most needed is for me the best gift of all. Another reason why we made Chatter Bags, giving you the opportunity to meet others in whatever city they are in.

Enough of the ranting we’ve got some family time to take care of.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Big Love X

Mark & the Chatter Bags Team

Winner winner chicken dinner

30 November 2015
Winner winner chicken dinner
Winner winner chicken dinner!

What a month it’s been, let’s back track to mid-October for a moment.

We have been overwhelmed with well wishes and support since the shortlist for The Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Awards was announced. Not only here in London and the UK but from all over the World. We can only thank you for believing in our unique concept and allowing us to continue to make a difference to the way people live for the better.

Two words, BAG TAX. I’m not going to go on about this as many of us have had this tax implemented in our countries for years. It’s better for the environment, it’s a good thing.  Sales of our bag have gone up so we say “we’ll carry your shopping and introduce you to the world at the same time.” Win, win!

We have to mention the Language show at the Olympia.  Wow, wow, wow what a response our bags got. We’re so new this year we said we’d go as guests and check it out not knowing what to expect. We got to meet some of our most loyal supporters of our brand and some new ones. We saw people at this event (The biggest of its kind in Europe) with our bags walking around grabbing the attention of others and boom, conversation starts in a number of languages. It was the best feeling to see this first hand at such a large event, it was awesome. We made a huge number of contacts with some exciting opportunities for 2016.

October was full of everything spooky from parties to people and places. We had a blast at our pop ups, it shows there’s no slow down with people wanting to communicate with people in this city, long may it continue.

Back to November, it started out a bit foggy but soon cleared up! We hit the ground running from meeting to meeting, our stomping ground in the IoD has never seen so much of us. We saw an increase in oversea sales this month which is thanks to you bringing us with you on your travels as well as the conversation on social media.

We were keeping up appearances all over the city talking to people on the streets of London. Chatting about social change, the impact it can have on communities and how our concept knows no race or religion. We are here to bring the wider community together and it’s working. In recent times a continued number of attacks are happening around the world. We want to say “together we are stronger.” We are with you praying for peace.

ESSM AwardTalking about win win earlier. Chatter Bags had the honour of winning an award at The Great British Entrepreneur Awards on November 25th. In a glitzy affair ‘hailed as the benchmark in entrepreneurial success in Britain’ our concept won an award in the Entrepreneurial Spark category and we had chicken for our dinner!! From rushing heart beats to Cheshire cat grins we are so thankful for receiving this award in our first year of trading. We work our socks off to make a difference, we already feel it’s worth it with the feedback we get and the positive change it has on life. This was the cherry on top. We’ll be writing a bit more about the ceremony in a later post highlighting how exciting it was for us to be in a room full of inspiring individuals and the drive it gives to continue in what we do to inspire others.

We can’t go without mention Christmas, yes Christmas already! We love this time of year for a number of reasons, mainly it brings people closer together. We’re so excited we even glammed up our page, we put a special little gift from us to you. Click on the present on our home page to find out more. Chatter Bags is the perfect stocking filler, what could be better than giving someone the opportunity to have limitless conversations and experiences with people wherever they are in the world. Our social tool works for so many people in so many different ways, giving them all different unique experiences.

Well after all that, we better get back and do some work.

Thank you all again.

Chat soon,

Big love!

Chatter Bags Team x

Finals here we come!

05 October 2015
Finals here we come!
What a fantastic surprise, we’re Finalists!

We still do not have words for how thrilled and excited we are to be a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in our first year of business. 

To a new concept like ours it means the world. We made a choice to drop everything from the jobs we are use to and start making a difference. We find in many ways the world around us waits for something to happen before they/we act on it. Why wait? With ongoing troubles around the world we need now more than ever to communicate, isn’t about time we all just got along!

We are all forever following trends in this world, why not be it a trend that can make a difference to the future? By acting now we can help make where we live a better place to be by the power of conversation. 

The idea behind Chatter Bags; Chatter Bags is a social tool to get people talking in the old fashioned way face to face. As our slogan says we’re made to make conversation and that’s what we do. We’re here to create a positive change, a social change, London is our platform and the World is our stage. Together we can make it happen. 

Did you ever feel lonely? Unsure if you made the right move? Nervous to approach someone because you didn’t know what to say? Try to fit into a new group? Try to make new friends? Or wonder why people keep to themselves? Most of us have felt one of these. 

Living in a mega city like London where millions people from all around the globe come to set up home, work, holiday or just visit for the day it’s no wonder things can get a little distant. By distant we mean, it’s sometimes hard to feel like a local, to fit in or to feel part of something. We found it hard to get to know people, we found people would choose to look at the footpath or swipe their way through a phone or tablet rather than acknowledge the world around them. We didn’t believe this is really what people wanted, we wanted to help change this. 

How can we change it?

We followed trends, we did a lot of research and the outcome was, most of us are a really friendly bunch, but we are a bit nervous to show it. This is where we came in, we found there’s an app for this an app for that, do we need an app to chat? No is the answer. 

Our concept is so simple, yet so effective. What do we all have in common? Language! We all speak something. How do make use of that?  We thought of a safer way to engage people, it had to be something affordable, not offensive, useful and most of us have one, it’s ethically sourced and printed in Shoreditch. Chatter Bags was born.

Since our launch at the start of the year we’ve had an exciting journey. From stalls in the world famous Camden market to our pop up stores in some of the trendiest café’s in town. We opened our online store to make it easier for people to grab a bag. Chatter Bags made its TV debut on a live chat show (Living the Life) where our founder Mark was a guest.  We’ve featured in the media from a full page spread in the Metro to Bdaily. We even made it onto an American news channel. We’ve been spotted at meetings in the House of Lords, the google campus and to wrap all that up an email from Boris Johnson’s office wishing us good luck. Now we are finalists in the category International Social Enterprise of the Year Award.  We are so happy!

Our bags have been seen all over the world, with some amazing photos sent to us and the odd little story! Chatter Bags is been used in so many ways.

·         Schools & Uni’s are using it as a language/social/educational tool.

·         Events are using it as an information/conversational tool. 

·         The tourist is using it as social/conversational tool. 

·         The everyday person is using it as a social/dating/friendship tool. 

In a way our bag introduces you to the world and it carries your goods. Result!

We are in talks with a whole range of business and companies to see how our concept can work for them. This concept is not limited to one city it can work all over the World. We’ve had a few meetings in the Netherlands and in Ireland and interest has come from Germany to bring our brand to the mainland. We have huge plans for the future and you are part of it.

We have a full range of Chatter Bags. Call one of the team for more information.

We want to make this happen sooner rather than later. So come on, let’s act now and build a better happier world together. 

Fingers crossed for the finals on November 25th.

Big Love,

Chatter Bags Team x
made to make conversation