We’re talking all things fashion & friendships

28 February 2017
We’re talking all things fashion & friendships
We start off the shortest month of the year with some of our biggest news. Chatter Bags has made its debut at Fashion Week. We were walking the walk and talking the talk! A new date on the fashion calendar it was Amsterdam’s turn to flaunt it and they did not disappoint.  So, who wore our designs?

We teamed up with City Jet, W Hotels, and The Westergasfabriek to help welcome some of the most influential bloggers around. This collaboration happened because one of the Account Directors from the luxury hotel chain knew of our brand in the Netherlands and felt it would be the perfect accessory to start a conversation and help introduce people to one another and we’re pleased to say from the feedback, it went down a hit. So Kendall Jenner, Kate Moss or David Gandy get in touch, you know where we are should you need one of the world’s most talked about bags!!! Pretty exciting stuff right?

But hey, we think every day is like fashion week for us and our amazing Chatter Bags wearers parading up and down streets all around the globe. Getting people noticed is our thing, and we love it. So fashion to friendships…

Friendships are important for your mental wellbeing (most of the time). It’s becoming much more difficult to find friends, especially if you’re not from the country or you are new to the town or city. These days in the digital space there’s so many ways to meet people, but is it taking away from basic communication skills and the old fashioned way of getting to know people? Look, we know how much this digital age has improved our lives and we are sure it has helped some people make new friends but it’s not for everybody. We think there’s something so satisfying about face to face chats and all the emotions that go along with it. Emoji’s might be the fastest growing “language“ but it can only tell you so much.

In our opinion you don’t need apps to chat. With so many ways out there to make friends, from meet up groups & social groups to park runs and of course Chatter Bags to name but a few. We understand it can be hard and sometimes daunting to start a conversation. This is why created our concept which encourages people to come say hi to you without the awkwardness and it shows common ground and interests straight away. The rest is up to you should you decide to continue the conversation. You never know where it could lead, a friendship for life or the love of your life? If you have been reading our previous posts you will know this not uncommon.  We’ve been called the 3D Tinder in the past, which is great!

Lastly, speaking about love, Valentine’s Day has been here and gone and of course it had many of us were pounding the pavements for flowers, chocolates and the mushy cards. Love it or hate it’s here to stay! We took a great picture of a guy proposing on Southbank check out our twitter to see.

Next month we will be chatting about our trip to Kings College London and we’ll be going all green for the friendliest day of the year, St Patrick’s Day.

Until then,

Big Love!

The Chatter Bags Team x
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