Loneliness, the silent killer.

31 August 2016
Loneliness, the silent killer.
A headline you don’t expect to be reading about at this day and age.

We’re a pretty positive, feel good, super social brand. Usually we would be writing about what we’ve been up to or where we’ve been popping up or checking out the pictures our users send us from around the globe. With this post we want to build awareness about an important issue.  We’ve been saying since our launch ‘how we want to change the way people live for the better’ and our mission still remains the same today. After all, our slogan is ‘made to make conversation’.

This month we will be talking about something that’s very close to our hearts, a subject we’ve written about in the past and another one of the main reasons this award winning concept exists today. This is a subject most of us can relate to, loneliness.  (Read older blog here) http://chatterbags.com/news/scary-lonely-london .

In this digital age it has become harder now more than ever to meet/chat to people, with all the apps out there and lack of social integration it isn’t easy. There’s always something holding us back.  This piece taken recently form The Telegraph says it all; ’Having no friends could be as deadly as smoking’. It’s a scary reality that many of us are faced with.  The paper went on to write ‘Researchers at Harvard University have suggested, after discovering a link between loneliness and the levels of a blood-clotting protein which can cause heart attacks and stroke.’ Frightening stuff! It is adding to a pot of how loneliness can impact the way we all live.  Now we’re not ones to believe everything we read in the paper or are we jumping on the band wagon for a story. This is an issue that matters, and can in our opinion be tackled in a number of different ways.

The Local Government Association said loneliness should be treated as a ‘major health issue’. One major charity, Age UK claim the issue "blights the lives” of over a million older people. Loneliness affects many people, a recent study by the Mental Health Foundation found that 18- to 34-year-olds were likely to feel lonely more often than over-55s. We get it, we all had a sit down and talked about in the past. We understand the strain it can have on your life. We know because all of us have felt it at one stage. No matter if you are in a buzzing city, town or village we seem to be keeping more to ourselves rather than getting to know people or staying in touch with people we do know. What do we do about it? Let’s try and stop this ‘social pain’ together!

This is not a sales pitch, it is one solution to a real problem that exists. The more we talk about it, the more we can do the help eliminate this for our generation and the next to come. We can blame a lot of things but we would rather focus on solutions and here’s one to help.  

This start-up came up with innovative ways to start a conversation, ways to make you feel more at home wherever you are and feel like a local even if it’s been your neighbourhood for as long as you can remember. Things and times change, so can you. We’ve just made it that little bit easier!

Our concept works in and explores many different avenues both for business and social surroundings. Time and time again it comes out with the same results. Conversation started, job done, product proven! As random as that sounds, that’s how it can work. Some people are shy to say ‘Hi’ this helps, some people find daunting to approach people, this helps. Our way, you’re showing the world you’re approachable, you’re up for that chat. The best thing is, you call the shots should you continue with the conversation or not. Take the language concept, we all speak something but don’t know what that is by looking at someone, do you? Now you do! It’s a visual ice breaker, a prompter to start a conversation, a starting point for those of you who want to get noticed. Even better it carries your things! This one works in so many ways for schools and uni’s, when traveling or at home.

We are not limited to any one town, city or country. This is an inoffensive useful social tool, which works! Accessible to all and promises not to eat up your data!! We’re trying and its working! We need to tell more people about it. I’ve written to our new Mayor and his team, hopefully soon we can get chatting about how together we can help create social change with a positive impact, continuing with London and rolling it out to places where will benefit from it.

I’d be foolish to be sitting here and say “stop” we have the answer, we don’t. We have an awesome concept that can help make a difference. Hopefully one day soon I’ll be writing to tell you numbers have dropped and keep dropping. Fingers crossed!

Until next time, keep the conversation flowing and get chatting with people in your area.

Remember it takes one person to make a difference. Let that person be you!

Big Love,

Mark & the amazing team x
made to make conversation