And that was January!

31 January 2017
And that was January!
Where to start…

Firstly, Happy New Year. We hope 2017 was good to you all so far? It’s been memorable that’s for sure!

It started off with the usual January blues! Back to work, the New Year’s resolutions are barely hanging in there and our ‘get fit’ plan, well, that had to be postponed until February 1st!! All the decorations have been taken down and the only twinkle left is the aircraft in the skies. It's lights out in Piccadilly too! This grey gloomy weather isn’t to everybody’s taste and predictions of snow fall in the south turned out to be a light dusting. Boo, no sleighing in Greenwich Park for us!

Pretty tragic stuff, right?!

Anyway in more serious news, to pick up on last year and our social integration mission. We cannot stress enough why now is the time to bring people closer together. It seems the world is becoming more and more divided. If you read or listen to the daily news headlines, politics are dominating. With stories that are almost coming across as unrealistic as some of the pledges that were made. These stories can have a big impact on us socially. Let’s try keep it together, the world deserves much better. We are in touch with some MP’s explaining how our concept works and are hoping to receive some positive news soon.

Keeping with the news; Loneliness was put in the spotlight again today with another campaign to help tackle it. This is great news, we wish all concerned good luck on their mission. We tweeted our support and will continue to help the fight to prevent more victims of this sad and serious issue. Remember, it takes one person to make a difference. Be that person, start a conversation today.

Events, events and more events! Lot’s going on this time of year. Chatter Bags made it across the water for one special VIP event (more on that next month). This is a very exciting time, our ‘Let’s talk about…’  concept is connecting people in so many ways. Its face to face communication about topics you choose to talk about. Simply tick and talk.  Its win-win. The relevant information is given and received, resulting with a happy customer and vendor. We have a new range of colours and bags which can be tailored to you or your brand’s needs. Find out more here.

Chatter Bags is a versatile social tool that’s made to make conversation. We start the conversation, you finish it!  You can scream from the rooftops about us and we’d love to hear your ideas.

Next month is all about love and boy, does the world need it!

Well we have been called the ‘3D’ Tinder in the past, hopefully we can help someone out!

Chat soon!

Big Love,

Mark & The Team
made to make conversation